you were a child? The thrill of playing with toy guns! Whether an army machine gun, western six-shooter, or a space laser gun… those memories will never die. Just like the thrill of finding action figures, farm toys, etc., so is the thrill of finding that special toy gun!

It is always a neat thing to meet other toy gun collectors? Gaining new experience and ideas is priceless when it comes to building your collection. What a rush to buy sell and trade! How enjoyable it is to be around other collectors that share the same “passion.” Always remember to network with other collectors. Have loads of fun as you gather new ideas and treasures that in turn will make your collection “Bigger and Better.”

Let’s get started!

You may feel a little nervous if you are starting out as a novice, but you can do it! Remember we all had to have a starting point. Before going out too far too fast we recommend that a great starting point would be your own interests. For example: If you like toy guns, what kind of toy guns have the most appeal to you? Replica toy guns might be appealing to you. What about science fiction-inspired? Your options are endless when it comes to toy gun collecting because the market is so huge!

Many collectors start with the “wild west” theme. Many “cowboy” guns come in black, silver and gold and these toys usually have holsters and belt straps. Usually slim and polished these toy guns have a worn, vintage look.

Pistols are nice but rifles add special character to any collection. Find a balance between pistols and rifles as this will make your collection even more interesting. You should remember that cowboy-themed toy guns are not limited to pistols or revolvers.

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